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Westwing at home with Mauro Bergonzoli

Mauro Bergonzoli

International contemporary Artist
born December 24th 1965 in Milan, Italy.

Mauro Bergonzoli was born as the son of an engraver in Milan Italy on December 24th 1965. In his father´s workshop he learned at a young age how to master the craft of drawing and precision. At the age of 14 he entered art school and soon began selling his first paintings and comics. Following a successful career in the advertising and commercial film industry, he dedicates himself completely since the year 2000, to the production of his own original artwork.

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Artist Portrait 2020



A radical change in diet saved the life of the Italian Neo Pop artist Mauro Bergonzoli after a heart attack. The artist and his partner, Countess Franziska Fugger von Babenhausen, have completely avoided animal products, sugar and gluten for several years now. Franziska accompanied Mauro on this emotional journey, with her own original recipes, the ingredients of which the maestro captured in his colorful art collection “Magic Food” - and which now invite and inspire the whole family to cook at home. An extensive potpourri of vegan dishes delights and pampers body, heart and soul. In addition to the diverse dishes and beautiful photographs, mother nature’s ingredients are highlighted in detail and their special powers revealed.  “Magic Food” can strengthen and heal us. This passion for art and cuisine fills the readers heart with pure “joie de vivre” and life energy.

• 77 original recipes for body, mind and soul
• With works of art by Mauro Bergonzoli
• With an exclusive health encyclopedia of 88 Magic Foods

Release date: 20.09.2021
Equipment: bound
Number of pages: 208
ISBN: 978-3-7667-2551-6
Publisher: Callwey

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50 Jahre Playboy Deutschland

Die große Jubiläumsausgabe mit dem Cover-Design von Mauro Bergonzoli

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Neue Sondereditionen – gestaltet von Mauro Bergonzoli

Typisch italienischer Espresso trifft lebendige Neo-Pop-Kunst

Dolce Vita, Amore und die schönen Geschichten des Lebens inspirieren den Neo-Pop-Künstler Mauro Bergonzoli zu seinen Kunstwerken. Seinen eigenständigen, unverkennbaren Stil prägen starke Farben, dynamische Linien und eine magische Energie. Die Emotionen seiner Werke harmonieren perfekt mit der Intention eines frischen DINZLER Espressos: Das Leben genießen, es sich gut gehen lassen und Power tanken. Und so scheint die langjährige Freundschaft zwischen Künstler und Kaffeerösterei wie geschaffen für eine attraktive Liaison: Die neu designten Sondereditionen des DINZLER Espresso Roma und Milano bedeuten Genuss für alle Sinne.

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Art Commissions

Just as it used to be common during Renaissance times and the days of Caravaggio, Goya, or Anthony van Dyck, there are many people still today who request a special piece of art created exclusively for them by the artist. Mauro Bergonzoli accepts his client’s made to measure orders and paints every painting 100 % with his own hands. His long experience in the advertising and film world make him flexible enough to carefully translate his collector’s wishes into portraits, frescos, unique fashion pieces, or sculptures.

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Art Commissions

Magic Jewellery by Mauro Bergonzoli x Capolavoro

A piece of jewelery could not be more creative and artistic. Maestro Mauro Bergonzoli has created a truly wearable work of jewellery.

Let us introduce: the Magic Bunny and the Magic Butterfly.

Each work of art that has become jewelry is lovingly hand-signed by the maestro.

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Magic Jewellery

AMORE Womens T-Shirt Collection

Women’s T-Shirt Collection - AMORE by Mauro Bergonzoli.
 100 % combed ringspun cotton
❤️Heart in high quality glitter print.
Available in 4 Colours: Sand - Orchid - Navy - Military.

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