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Bergonzoli Design Lamps for Hubert Burda Media art collection

Mauro Bergonzoli, an artist native of Milan and living in Bavaria, designed two lamps for Dr. Burda for the house Arabellastr. 21. The foyer of the house became for a few days - very much the joy of the employees - the artist's studio. The artist was accompanied by the young film team Florentinfilm, who made a wonderful film about the creation of the two lamps. Already in the summer of 2014, the curator of the Hubert Burda Media Collection, Mon Muellerschoen, showed the Italian artist in the exhibition "Selected Works by Mauro Bergonzoli" with great success in the gallery of the publishing house.

The style of Bergonzolis is unique. His artworks are a colorful mix of pop art and comics, one of his trademarks being the eye, which he also uses as a logo or signature.

Bergonzoli has found his own signature, caricaturing the world as he sees her with humor. With his unique neo-pop style, his humor, his exploding color, he creates his own magical cosmos.

For the Hubert Burda Media Collection, he has taken up two very different themes with these two design objects:

With the Bavarian-inspired lamp he represents the Munich glamor world with the landmarks of Munich and the magazines of the publishing house.

Quote Bergonzoli:
"The Bavarian lamp is the vision of my environment with Hubert Burda Media during the 2 days in which I was allowed to open my temporary studio there. As you can see, many very strong and beautiful women work for Prof. Dr. med. Burda and there are great and important magazines in this publisher, I wanted to document all that. "

He shows the dreamy world of the youthful style in the "Country Life" lamp with the Monet-inspired water lilies and the "raining magic bunnies". The artist says: "Questa lampada una fontana di luce con colori della natura all 'interno della citta."

This object is for the artist a light fountain with the colors of nature inside the city. The magic bunnies represent the irony and the humor of the artist.

Hubert Burda Design lamps

The artist was accompanied by the young film team Florentinfilm, who made a wonderful film about the origin of the two lamps.

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