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Mauro Bergonzoli (*1965 in Milano) is a painter of the Neo-Pop, a virtuoso of precise lines and radiant colouring. He captures and interprets his surroundings with strong linear work and joyous eye-catching chromaticity, often enticing his viewer to smile. He commands a profound knowledge of art his tory, which he plays with and mirrors ironically in his compositions.

From Canaletto to Monet – Artistic references in the work
Thus, his artwork is characterised by references, as is evident in his Japanese style paravents (shown in the Rococo ballroom), as well as in the Venetian vedutas paraphrasing the paintings of Canaletto (1679–1768). With his large-scale water lily pieces, Mauro Bergonzoli seems to perpetuate Monet’s (1840–1926) late oeuvre while transporting it into the contemporary. In his recent work, Bergonzoli has studied the Schaezlerpalais, as well as the age of Rococo in general. The result is a splendid collection of new artworks honouring the 18th century in all of its pomp and diversity.

Discover more of Mauro Bergonzoli in the exhibition "Magic Food" at the museum café!
After the artist’s severe heart attack in 2016, his partner and muse, Franziska Countess Fugger von Babenhausen, changed the whole family’s diet. She eliminated gluten, sugar and animal products from their menu and developed numerous exclusively vegan recipes, the ingredients of which the Maestro captured in his colourful art-series “Magic Food”. In 2021, they published a vegan cookbook (Callwey) with the same title.

MAGIC ROCOCO Schaezlerpalais Augsburg

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