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Exhibition with Yoko Ono - Peace is Power

“Acqua Alta” - message in a bottle.
Art Concept for Yoko Ono - Peace is Power Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig.

„Our natural resources are being inhaled and destroyed at the speed of light.

The human race urgently needs to slow down, take care of our planet, protect our cultural treasures, nurture our bodies and souls...and reflect on the beauty and power of mother nature. She will flood us with an abrupt wake up call if we as a global community don’t come to our senses soon.

Venice, the New York of ancient times, will sink if we don’t stop the dramatic damage of mass tourism, constant consumption, po- litical corruption and total ignorance of reality.“

- Mauro Bergonzoli

Mauro Bergonzoli with Curator Jon Hendricks and Franziska Countess Fugger von Babenhausen (Photo by Gisela Schober, Getty Images)

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