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The Venice Collection

Bergonzoli’s paintings of Venice are modern illustrations of one of the most spectacular cities ever built. They are free of the current contamination and suffocating tourism she must endure. With elegant brushstrokes and skilled draftsmanship Bergonzoli highlights the rich romance, unique history and ethereal beauty that once defined this grandiose and ancient city.

Interview about Venice

What were your thoughts when you painted Venice, what relationship do you have with Venice?
I love Venice because it is a very unique city, the oldest port of Italy, the city of merchants. In every Palace there is something that comes from every corner of the world. When I paint Venice I think of how beautiful she is and how we must save her and protect her from human destruction.

Please describe your style of painting.
My style is modern and antique at the same time. I love painting what’s beautiful: women, nature, flowers, fantastic cars, amazing cities like Venice...etc. I love strong colors and clear lines. I love to focus on details. Women inspire me very much when I paint.

What fascinates you about Venice?
That she is built on water!

Do you have another artist that influenced / inspired your paintings of Venice?
Il Canaletto because in his works he shows me how the city was in the old times, without all the tourist cruise ships, Mc Donald’s, overflowing crowds, and stinky canals.

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