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Mauro Bergonzoli shows his artworks at Dinzler

Mauro Bergonzoli shows his artworks at Dinzler

Art exhibition in the new otto building of the DINZLER Coffee Roasting Company at Irschenberg from 21st September to 20th November 2018

Irschenberg, August 21, 2018. DINZLER Kaffeerösterei will be presenting art in the new otto am Irschenberg building from 21 September 2018 for the first time. Following a vernissage with invited guests on September 20, starting on September 21, 2018, around 30 works by Mauro Bergonzoli will be open to the public for two months. The Italian artist and painter living in Germany shows works of art created especially for the exhibition. The subject of coffee is the focus of the works, but a selection of Bergonzoli's classical paintings representing his painting style is also shown. A coffee maker by the Italian manufacturer San Remo, painted by the artist, will also be on display in the exhibition.

As a special highlight, the artist will be showing a live painting performance for the invited guests at the vernissage opening ceremony.

Strong colors, beautiful women, eclectic motifs and joie de vivre are the main ingredients of the works of Mauro Bergonzoli, in which the magical eye of the internationally known artist is located. The highlight of the approximately 30 exhibited works is a ten-square-meter painting depicting the history of coffee. From 21st September to 20th November 2018, Bergonzoli will exhibit in the new, modern rooms of the otto am Irschenberg. The heads behind the DINZLER Kaffeerösterei, Richter family, are art lovers and are looking forward to the first exhibition in the new building. High, bright and spacious rooms in the new building otto bring the works to their best advantage.

About the artist Mauro Bergonzoli

The artist was born in Milan in 1965 as the son of an engraver, where he learned the craft of linework and precision at a young age in his father's workshop. At the age of 14, he began studying art and soon sold his first own drawings and comics. Following a successful career in the advertising and film industry, from the year 2000 he devoted himself exclusively to his own art productions. After exhibitions that have enjoyed great recognition around the globe, Bergonzoli has found a new home in Swabia with its Country Atelier. With its modern neo-pop style, it revives historical themes and reminds the observer of the beauty of this earth and the fantastic abilities of man.

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