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Paradise for Artist and Collector

Hidden in the rolling hills of the Bavarian countryside lies a magical paradise filled with colorful treasures. Mauro Bergonzoli’s Country Atelier has become the artistic watering hole for passionate art lovers from around the globe. His ever-growing family of Bergonzoli Collectors flock to this creative sanctuary in order to quench their thirst for beautiful, positive, stimulating artworks created to energize their walls and halls.

The luscious Country Atelier garden is groomed and cared for by the artist himself. Winter Spring Summer and Autumn Mauro draws inspiration from his glorious fruit and nut trees, fresh vegetables, blooming flowers, singing birds, and fluttering butterflies. A real “Monet” bridge crosses the water lily lake underneath a majestic weeping willow and often appears in his paintings.

All year around, this Bavarian “Giverny” outside Munich bursts with life, joy and colors. Cherry blossoms grow on golden trees, Koi and goldfish waltz beneath the surface of emerald green ponds, enchanted frogs pop up on floating water lily petals, delicate snowflakes settle on birch branches and everything in sight brings smiles to faces young and old.

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