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Mauro Bergonzoli (b. December 24th, 1965 in Milan Italy) is best known for his Neo-Pop style and genre-defying modern interpretation of classic draftsmanship. Mauro began his art journey at a very young age, mastering the art of precision and drawing while working the ma- chines in his father’s engraving studio. He sold his first comics and artworks while attending art school in Italy. His talent caught the attention of several prominent advertising agencies in Milan, who promptly recruited the young artist. A 25-year-long successful career in adver- tising and as creative director of commercial and animation films for clients like Ferrero and Geox followed. In 2000 Bergonzoli chose to focus exclusively on his own art with successful gallery and museum exhibitions in cities such as Portofino, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Hong Kong, Milan, St. Moritz, Miami, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Bologna, Ravenna, Augs- burg, Venice and Palm Beach.

Director of the Museums & Art Collections Augsburg Dr. Christof Trepesch summarizes Bergonzoli’s style during his recent museum exhibition “MAGIC ROCOCO” at the historic Schaezlerpalais:

“Mauro Bergonzoli is a painter of the Neo-Pop, a virtuoso of precise lines and radiant colouring. He captures and interprets his surroundings with strong linear work and joyous eye-catching chromaticity often enticing his viewer to smile. The Pop Artist observes the world with his own iconic eye. He commands a profound knowledge of art history, which he plays with and mirrors in his compositions with great ease while frequently adding skilful strokes of irony. His original pro- fession is graphic advertising, cartoon drawing, which forms his artistic and technical foundation. The visual universe Mauro manifests is reminiscent of the vivid loudness and figurative language of the advertising world as well as the art of comic-strip illustration with entertaining elements of fantasy. He transports refreshing canvases into the contemporary inspired by his “Swabian Giver- ny”, the artists idyllic family residence and creative factory. With the cycle of the „Water Lilies“ he leaves the overly graphic solidification behind and opens himself up more to the possibilities of color. As a painting graphic artist he has gradually developed new themes, perspectives and points of view over the past two decades.“

His medium of choice is acrylic on canvas. The classic “Bergonzoli” style is graphic, colourful, figurative and full of fun details. His artistic language is greatly influenced by his spiritual inner landscape, drawing on memories like his mother‘s blue eyes, one of which she lost to cancer during his early childhood, replacing it with a glass eye and leaving an everlasting im- pression on the artist. During his youth, Mauro often endured physical violence and quickly found solace and healing in drawing and painting beautiful images. With his iconic trade- marks – the blue Bergonzoli eye & his famous character “The Magic Bunny” who symbolises humour, magic, and productivity, he observes the world from within his paintings with a posi- tive and often ironic point of view. For Playboy Germany’s 50th anniversary 2022 he was as- ked to create the Cover artwork and painted an explosion of magic bunnies in awe of a classic Bergonzoli beauty. The Magic Bunny plays a central role not only in Bergonzoli‘s oeuvre, but also in his commitment to animal welfare and creative work with the younger generations. As father of 5 daughters and grandfather to 2 granddaughters, Mauro’s artwork shows his deep admiration for women and mother nature while reminding his viewer of the power of humour, beauty and love. Mauro has recently created artistic collaborations with companies such as: MEGGLE, PLAYBOY, DINZLER, GOEBEL, CAPOLAVORO, SIMPLY-V, MÜLLER, FINORI, RAVENSBURGER, SAVE THE DUCK, LODENFREY with many more to come.


born in Milan, Italy

1998 – 2006 
Creative Director and Illustrator

from 2000
activity as a freelance artist


„Mauro Bergonzoli“ – De Martino Gallery – Praxis Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt Munich Germany „Mauro Bergonzoli„ – Münchener Herrenclub – Munich, Germany
„Art & Coffee“ – Exhibition DINZLER Coffee Roasting Company – Irschenberg, Germany

“Magic World” – Galerie Barbara von Stechow (Frankfurt, Germany)
„Ladies and their dogs“ EVEY Gallery – New York City, US
“Mauro Bergonzoli” – Tratzberg Castle (Tirol, Austria)

“Mauro Bergonzoli” – EVEY Fine Art Gallery (Palm Beach, USA)
Cover Painting for Playboy Germany (50th anniversary)
„Mauro Bergonzoli“ – Museum Schaezlerpalais (Augsburg, Germany)

Art & Music with pianist Sebastian Knauer – Country Atelier (Kirchheim i. Schwaben, Germany)

„AMORE“ – Art & Coffee exhibition, DINZLER (Irschenberg, Germany)

58th Biennale di Venezia, Belmond Hotel Cipriani (Venice, Italy)
„Art Party“ – Art & Coffee exhibition – DINZLER (Irschenberg, Germany)

„Art & Coffee“ Exhibition – DINZLER (Irschenberg, Germany)

“Mauro Bergonzoli”, Awethentic Gallery (Hong Kong, China)

“Winterzauber“ / “winter magic “ exhibition with Hubert Burda Media (Offenburg, Germany)
“From Picasso & Miro to contemporary artists“, Museum Site Oud Sint-Jan di Bruges, Belgium
Bergonzoli in Bavaria – Bavarian National Museum (Munich, Germany)
Art & Music with Gerhard Polt, Country Atelier
(Kirchheim i. Schwaben, Germany)
Creative Art and Food, Terra Madre, Museo MIIT (Torino, Italy)
“Jakob in Venedig“ / “Jacob in Venice“ – Fuerst Fugger Private Bank (Augsburg, Germany)

Jaguar White Nights (Tegernsee, Germany)

„Bergonzoli in Bavaria“ – Bavarian National Museum (Munich, Germany)
„Mozart“ Exhibition, Gut Bannacker (Augsburg, Germany)
Mauro Bergonzoli – selected works, Hubert Burda Media – Munich, Germany
“Magic Bunnies” – exhibition – Egerner Höfe (Rottach Egern, Germany)

Bergonzoli Art, Rita Hayworth, 30th Alzheimer‘s Association Gala–Waldorf Astoria, New York, USA
Pferd International – Munich, Germany

„Göttinnen” – De Martino Gallery (Munich, Germany)
“Magic Kisses” – for Wrigley’s Spearmint, Galerie Einstein (Berlin, Germany)

“Moving Images”- Scheublein Fine Art Gallery (St. Moritz, Switzerland)
“The Magic Trip“, Galerie Terminus (Munich, Germany)

“Finissage“ Fürst Fugger Privatbank – Augsburg, Germany

“Living and Modern Art“ – Fürst Fugger Privatbank – Augsburg Germany

Galleria A.S. Contemporanea – Forli, Italy
Museo Mim, San Pietro – Cerro, Italy
Villa Arconati – Milano, Italy
Museo de Arte Tigre – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Galleria A. S. – Milano, Italy
Venice Art Fair – Forli, Italy
52nd Biennale di Venezia – Venice, Italy Autoria Art Gallery – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Galleria Bocca – Milano, Italy
Galleria A.S. Contemporanea – Forli, Italy Museo del Parco – Portofino, Italy

Galleria A.S. – Milano, Italy
Galleria Studio – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wilson Art Gallery – Montevideo, Uruguay

Galleria Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina


58th Biennale di Venezia – Venice, Italy
“Angeli e Artisti” Exhibition – (Siena, Italy)
“Yoko Ono – Peace is Power” MdbK – Museum of Fine Arts (Leipzig, Germany)

“Angeli e Artisti” Exhibition – Monza, Italy

Art Basel Hong Kong, live painting performance
“Women in Focus”- Awethentic Gallery (Hongkong, China)

“Lebensmotor. Was uns antreibt” – Mercedes Benz Headquarters (Munich, Germany)
Domaine des Arts (St. Tropez, France)

„Wunderkunst Vernissage” Wunderkunst, Art de Vivre –
(Munich, Germany)
„Polo + Art“ – Berenberg Polo Derby – Flo Peters Gallery
(Hamburg, Germany)

Omeoart, Boiron – Homeopathic Medicine (Lyon, France)

Galleria A.S. Contemporanea (Forli, Italy)
Museo Mim, San Pietro (Cerro, Italy)
Villa Arconati (Milano, Italy)
Museo de Arte Tigre – Buenos Aires, Argentinien

Galleria A. S. (Milano, Italy)
Venice Art Fair (Forli, Italy)
Autoria Art Gallery (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
52nd Biennale di Venezia (Venice, Italy)

Galleria Bocca (Milano, Italy)
Galleria A.S. Contemporanea (Forli, Italy)
Museo del Parco (Portofino, Italy)

Galleria A.S. (Milano, Italy)
Galleria Studio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Wilson Art Gallery (Montevideo, Uruguay)


58th Biennale di Venezia – Venice, Italy

Art Basel Hong Kong, live VR painting performance – Awethentic Gallery, – Hong Kong

“Grafik 12” Art FAIR – Zurich, Switzerland

Art Miami, Art FAIR – Miami, USA
Art Fair 21 – Köln, Germany

52nd Biennale di Venezia, live performance – 100 days of Joseph Beuys – Venice, Italy
Venice Art Fair – Forli, Italy


new Mauro Bergonzoli Porcelain made by Goebel Germany
new Mauro Bergonzoli Puzzles made by Ravensburger, created for Müller

received the Bavarian “Natur Garten” award for the Country Atelier

45 Meter Art Wall painted for and together with 200 school children – Kirchheim
Mauro Bergonzoli – exclusive 50th anniversary Playboy Germany Cover
exclusive painting commission for the 135th anniversary of MEGGLE Germany

Art Wall for Simply V – vegan cheese company – Oberreute, Germany
Digital Art Project „Mrs. Glock“ for Kathrin and Gaston Glock – Austria

Masterclass for “Art Spot” – Munich, Germany
Museum Villa Stuck – live painting performance of “Hippocampus”

exclusive Postage Stamps for Fürst Fugger Privatbank

Mauro Bergonzoli for converse – limited edition –
Handpainted 6 Liter Wine Bottle for Tribute to Bambi charity auction – children in need
Mozart Festival – Augsburg – Exhibition, live painting and charity auction for
gifted children in music

Art Competition for Kids at Bergonzoli Atelier Schwabing for Pferd International, Munich, Germany
Rita Hayworth 30th Alzheimer‘s Association Gala – Waldorf Astoria
New York City – Mauro Bergonzo- li painting donated for the silent charity auction
Charity project with Gut Aiderbichl and Mauro Bergonzoli

Hadassah Hospital charity donation of artwork and painted Mercedes Benz Smart car

Lebenshilfe München e.V. received a donation for a Mauro Bergonzoli painting

auctioned off for charity during the Pferd International 2013 – Munich, Germany

Ritzenhoff “my little Darling” Espresso Cup – designed by Mauro Bergonzoli