Mauro Bergonzoli (b. December 24th, 1965 in Milan Italy) is best known for his Neo-Pop style and genre-defying modern interpretation of classic draftsmanship. Mauro began his art journey at a very young age, mastering the art of precision and drawing while working the machines in his father’s engraving studio. He sold his first comics and artworks while attending art school in Italy. His talent caught the attention of several prominent advertising agencies in Milan, who promptly recruited the young artist. A 25-year-long successful career in advertising and as creative director of commercial and animation films for clients like Ferrero and Geox followed. In 2000 Bergonzoli chose to focus exclusively on his own art with successful gallery and museum exhibitions in cities such as Portofino, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Hong Kong, Milan, St. Moritz, Miami, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Bologna, Ravenna, Augsburg, Venice and Palm Beach.