DINZLER Espresso Milano special edition Mauro Bergonzoli

Neo-pop artist Mauro Bergonzoli is known for his colorful, dynamic and original works. Its style fits perfectly with fresh and lively coffee packaging. From this idea and the close friendship between DINZLER and Mauro Bergonzoli, a new project emerged: the DINZLER Espresso Milano special edition Mauro Bergonzoli. The Espresso Milano is characterized by its chocolatey nuances and its velvety crema. It consists of a harmonious blend of Arabica beans from South America and Robusta beans from Africa. Roasting master Max roasts the high-quality coffee beans like all other varieties using a gentle, long-term drum roasting process. The DINZLER Espresso Milano impresses as a delicious espresso in the portafilter machine.

Aromatic espresso The DINZLER Espresso Milano exudes an aromatic scent of ripe, dark blackberries. It tastes of fine cocoa and mild roasted aromas – an earthy, chocolaty and, above all, delicious experience.

DINZLER Espresso Roma special edition Mauro Bergonzoli

With the DINZLER Espresso Roma Special Edition Mauro Bergonzoli you will experience an espresso with southern Italian flair and a lively, colorful packaging designed by the Italian neo-pop artist Mauro Bergonzoli. The creative artist and the DINZLER coffee roasting company have a long-standing friendship. The DINZLER Espresso Roma in the new design brings you closer to the typical aroma and lifestyle of the Italian capital. The predominant Robusta beans from India give the espresso a fantastic crema and a classic, earthy taste. The aroma is harmoniously rounded off with fine Arabica beans from Brazil. Like all varieties of the DINZLER coffee roasting company, Espresso Roma is roasted using a long-term drum roasting process. This espresso comes into its own particularly well in the portafilter machine – a pleasure!

The all-rounder The DINZLER Espresso Roma impresses in all espresso categories: full crema, fine nutty scent, surrounded by delicate roasted aromas, strong, earthy and chocolaty taste, which is perfectly complemented by sweet roasted aromas – a southern Italian temptation.

DINZLER Espresso cup special edition „Amore“

Enjoy in style!
Love and enjoyment – that’s what the DINZLER Amore line stands for. The Amore products were developed with long-standing DINZLER friends and partners and impress with their taste and lots of charm. Neopop artist Mauro Bergonzoli designed espresso cups exclusively for DINZLER. The Amore espresso cups are available as a special limited edition. Combine love and enjoyment in a delicious cup of espresso.